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Reactors & Parts

ITA Enteprises is the major provider of the following companies:

- CHRISTY REFRACTORIES: Refractory shapes, Minerals:

Calcines, Alumina-silicate clays, fireclay,flint, diaspore, Largest manufacturer of inert catalyst support media PROX-SVERS ® are used in static bed processes in the oil, petrochemical and gas processing fields. Anchoring Hardware, Ceramic Porous Media, Crucibles, Base Block and Furnace Covers. Cast fabricated covers, furnace Relines, High performance and precision alumina bonded silicon carbide shapes, Nitride and Clay Bonded silicon carbide bricks, high alumina and lultite bond refractory brick and shapes. High tech vibrate, flowable, castables, & coatings. (Insulating and non-wetting varieties for the aluminum industry.) Specialty refractory castables, ramming mixes, plastic and mortars.

.- SIEMENS: Solar panels and accessories, electrical products.

.- PROPART: Pump parts for major manufacturerssuch as: Goulds, Ingersoll Rand, Durco, Allis Chalmers,

Warren, Worthington, Union, Peerless, Byron-Jackson, Bingham, Morris.

.- COMPRESSOR ENGINEERING: Compressor parts for major manufacturers, such as: Ingersoll Rand,

Sullair, Norwalk, Mako, Etsco, Blacker.

.- CSL WATER TREATMENT: Boiler water, Cooling towers, Fireside cleaners, Algae and Slime prevention,

Fuel Oil additives, Automatic Blowdown equipment, Automatic bleed systems, Water Softening equipment, pH & TDS monitoring.

.- BRIDON ADLER: Wire rope, wire rope slings, chain and chain slings, webbing slings & tie-downs,

Polyester round slings, Rope, Hoist & trolleys, Lifting beams, jacks, winches, grader blades, concrete buckets, mixing tines, lubricants, wire rope cutters.

.-CARRIER CORP.: Air conditioner equipment and spare parts.

.-3M EXPORT: Products available from the: Consumer and Office Markets, Electro and Communications,

Industrial Market, Medical Market, Pharmaceuticals, Dental, Personal Care, Traffic and Personal Safety.

.-MOVINCOOL: Spot Cooling air conditioners.

.-MOVINCOOL: Spot Cooling air conditioners.

.-1MW COMPRESSORS: LPG Compressors.

.-MSA: Safety Equipment.

.-PROTCO: Survival Equipment, Night Vision Equipment, Uniforms, Military Survival products.

.-MULOX: Shipping and storage bags.

.-CCTV: Closed circuit television equipment and systems.

.-AMPROBE INSTRUMENTS: Test and Measurement Equipment.

.-UNITED ELECTRIC CONTROL: Sensor products: Thermocouples, RTD's, Thermistors, Transmitters,

.-GUARDIAN: Fire fighting equipment, hose, adapters, Nozzles, Hydrants, Monitors, Sprinklers.

.-PERMALERT: Leak Detection/Location Systems.

.-PENN VENTILATOR CO. INC.: Centrifugal roof, wall exhausters, tubular fans, Inline fans, Utility fans,
Propeller Wall fans, Gravity ventilators, dampers, louvers.

.-LA MARCHE: Battery chargers, DC, AC Inverters.

.-GNB: Industrial Batteries.

.-TRINITY INDUSTRIES: Storage Tanks Propane, Butane, Chlorine, LPG Tanks.

.-BEAIRD INDUSTRIES: Towers, Columns, Reactors, Desalinators, Heat Recovery Evaporators, Heat

.-HACKNEY~ INC.: Carbon Steel Welding Fittings, Forged Flanges.

.-FLOW BEND: High Pressure Pipeline Fittings.

.-PLENTY LTD.: Side and Top Entry Mixers.

.-PLENTY INC.: Filter Separators, Strainers, Steam Traps.

.-PLENTY MIRRLEES: Rotary Positive Displacement, Vane pumps, Screw Pumps, Ellipse and Scraper

.-SELAS CORP. OF AMERICA: Air/Gas Premix, Flow Meters, Burners, Furnaces, Heating Systems,
Combustion Analyzer.

.-G.D. ENGINEERING: Pipeline Pigging Equipment, Closures, Pig Alerts, Launchers, Receivers.

.-SILCOTUBE S.A.: ASTM Stainless Tube, API 5L Line Pipe, Heat Exchanger Tubing.


.-HARRISON MANUFACTURING: Heat Exchanger Gaskets.

.-PETREX: Separator Skids, Fuel Gas Systems, Pipeline Pump Systems, Pipe Fabrications.

.-FLEXIBOX LTD.: Mechanical Seals, Transmission Couplings, Cyclone Separators.

.-CRANE CAST STEEL VALVES: Gate, Globe, Swingcheck.

.-PACIFIC VALVES: H.F, Acid, Pressure Seals.

.-ALOYCO STAINLESS VALVES: Gate, Globe, Swingcheck.

.-JENKINS CAST STEEL: Gate, Globe, Swingcheck.


.-F.I.P., SA de CV (WALWORTH): Fire API 6D Pipe Line Ball, Through Conduit Gate Valves SafeAPI - 6F.

.-KITZ VALVES: Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Carbon, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze.

.-MOTION INDUSTRIES: Stocking Distributors, Representatives for the following Divisions:

*Bearings: Browning, Coope, Bunting, Dodge, Fafnir, Garlock, General, Heim, INA, Link-Belt, MB, McGill, SKF, Timken, Torrington.

*Mechanical Power Transmission: Ajax, Amerigear, Cone Drive, Diamond, Eurodrive, Gates Rubber, Grant Gear, Hub City, Kraft, Posi Lock, Sumitomo, Vibco, Zurn.

*Electrical Power Transmission: ABB Controls, Baldor Electric, Bodine, Boston Gear, Emerson, Siemens, Gould Shawmut, Lincoln Electric, Rockwell, TB Woods.

*Fluid Power: Alcon, American Industrial, Brand, Chicafo Cylinder, Cooper Air motors, Delta Power, Deltrol, Dyna Quip, ITT Standard, Vickers, Wika.

*Industrial And Hydraulic Lose: Dixon, Federal, Gates Rubber, Kern, National Fire, Teleflex, Unaflex.

*Petroleum Bearing International: Special oil field bearings, General Bearings, Roller Chain, Shaft couplings, Belts, Sleeves.

.-WINTER GAUGES: Gauges, Manometers, Thermometers, Liquid Filled.

.-MGE UPS SYSTEMS: Power protection equipment UPS. Aplications: desktop Pcs, Workstations,
Servers, Network Devices, Telecomunications, Industrial Controls, Mainframes, Industrial Plantas, Television Broadcasting, Distributtion, Data Procesing, Medical Systems.


.-MALBRANOUE S.A. ILLIES: Gate Valves, Gate valves parallerl slide, Globe valves, Swing check valves,
Cryogenic valves, pressure seal bonnett, wellhead equipment.

.-DAERAM SPA: Ball valves, trunion mounted.

-SURVIAL-EOUIPMENT: Survival equipment for Military applications, weather protection, safety products,
night vision, uniforms, special boots.

.-DAERAM SPA: Ball valves, trunion mounted.


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