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dangerITA is one of the few freight forwarders fully qualified to handle and ship hazardous materials, complying with Federal Aviation Administration and Department Of Transportation regulations to ensure total costumer satisfaction.

Definition (IATA): "Dangerous goods are articles or substances, which are capable of posing a significant risk to health safety, or to property when transported by air".
Some dangerous goods are too dangerous to be carried by aircraft, others may be carried on cargo aircraft only, and some are acceptable on both cargo and passenger aircraft. However, a number of regulations are placed on dangerous goods that are permitted to be transported by air.

The regulations and requirements for this type of cargo, based on The International Civil Aviation Organization (OACI), are detailed in the IATA¨Dangerous Goods Regulations¨.

This manual includes a complete list of articles and individual substances specifying the United Nations classification and the conditions for air transportation.

In addition to the IATA regulations, state and operator variations must be considered.

The international regulations of OACI and IATA establishes that training must be provided or verified for all the people in a position involving the transport of dangerous goods by air.

ITA has the approval from IATA instructors to Handle Dangerous Goods Without Risk¨, .

Shippers Responsibilities
Before offering and consignment of dangerous goods to an Airline, a Shipper must comply fully with the current IATA regulations included in the manual ¨Dangerous Goods Regulations¨. In addition, the shipper must comply with any applicable regulation set forth by the States of origin, transit and destination.

The shipper also has to arrange the booking and verify that the articles are not prohibited for air transportation.
Before shipping the articles, the cargo must be:

in accordance with IATA and Operator regulations.
The cargo must be delivered at least 24 hours before the flight.

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